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This pandemic has hit us hard. Borders were closed, shows were canceled, homes were put on lockdown, face-to-face classes were indefinitely suspended, and families feared of socializing. Indeed, the world has changed so much. Over the course of two years, mankind was left frightened and unsighted.

As months went by, people adapted to the situation. Ingenious ways led to learning a new recipe, the elderly learned how to Zoom,
friends hosted online get-togethers for baby showers and birthdays, and individuals turned to digital platforms to connect, learn, and find time to enjoy themselves as they master the latest dance craze.This, now more than ever, would be the most apt time to say: “the show must definitely go on.”

Today, we keep our energies and hopes up. Today, we celebrate the passion and enthusiasm of our students. Today, despite the extraordinary uncertainty, we can dance, groove, and move forward. Sky Dance Avenue Manila has always believed in the real power of dance: to perform, to learn with no bounds, to express oneself freely, to tell a story, to bridge time and differences, to bring happiness, and to always bring hope.

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